About Us

In 2014, our CEO relocated to London for work, where she faced the same challenges and anxiety that so many employees experience when moving to a new and unfamiliar place: How do I go about finding information on my city from people I trust (where to live, which pub plays the Yankee games, which bank to join) and how do I build my network from scratch? As it turns out, it wasn’t just her; the #1 concern for relocated and mobile employees is their social well-being. Despite the fact that companies expense millions of dollars annually on relocation packages, the most important piece is left out, social tools. This leads to churn, millions of dollars in lost production time & revenue, and most importantly,  lonely transferees and family members.

Our CEO was determined to find a better way. Pivt initially launched a consumer app, but shortly after launch, the Pivt team was approached by corporations about building a “Pivt” business platform to assist their relocated and mobile workers.

What began for our CEO as a personal problem and a solution, quickly grew to be a passion, and is now a vocation. Our team wakes up every morning devoted to our mission of making any city feel like ‘Home’. By creating a platform that reduces churn and improves the well being of relocated employees and their families, your employees can say yes to life-changing opportunities in unfamiliar places and expand their outlooks, without thinking twice. Our holistic approach transforms how we support transferees and their families in making their new city feel like capital H, “Home” long before, during, and after relocating to a new city! We look forward to helping your company!