Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

New York, NY; Remote  
Full Time Employee 

About Pivt 

Do you want to work for a dynamic company addressing the big and timely problem of employee wellbeing and social isolation? Companies spend roughly $90k to relocate an employee to a new city, but nearly ⅓ quit or leave shortly after moving, because the employee or their family fails to integrate socially into the new location. This accounts for billions in losses to corporations and creates immeasurable stress to employees and their families. Meet Pivt! Pivt is the mobile app designed to reduce turnover and improve the wellbeing of relocated, remote, and mobile employees. Pivt cultivates a social network with other mobile employees and families to share trusted advice, regional information, and make social plans. Created out of the founder’s own frustrations, our team is deeply passionate about giving employees and their families Pivt, so that they can take advantage of life-changing opportunities in unfamiliar places, make the most of their experience, and feel at home…anywhere in the world.

2020 was a hallmark year for Pivt. With the onset of the pandemic, 1 in 5 Americans have relocated or know someone who has due to their newfound ability to work from anywhere. Companies have been forced to implement new types of benefits to prioritize employee well-being and address the negative ramifications of social isolation. Pivt is at the forefront of this initiative!

Notable advisors such as Randi Zuckerberg and Evan Segal are already on board, helping us tackle this problem…we are now looking to fill out the rest of our impressive team.

Role Description 

Pivt is looking for a Chief Technology Officer to lead, develop, and oversee the company’s technology footprint and strategy. Pivt’s CTO will have the opportunity to help shape Pivt’s vision , execute the product roadmap, and drive technology advancements and culture. Pivt’s CTO will also be in charge of ensuring that the product and technology can seamlessly scale to fit our business demands. This role will report to the CEO and be the primary point of contact for all technology related initiatives. The ideal candidate is results-driven, has a bias towards action, is a strong team builder, and will continually pursue new challenges to keep Pivt ahead of the technology curve.

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Build the IT team from the ground up in accordance with company goals and the product and IT roadmap
  • Develop resource forecasts ensuring that the technical resources meet the company’s short and long-term needs
  • Making executive decisions on behalf of the company’s technological requirements
  • Be the lead liaise between business strategy and technology to deliver impactful outcomes
  • Strategically plan all technology and information assets throughout the organization,
  • Define the SDLC process and identify risks, best practices, security options, scalability and delivery excellence from inception, design, development, QA, support and release
  • Lead the IT Organization in delivery of services, growth in skills, and expansion of the technology team, in order to meet global demand.
  • Identify efficiencies, opportunities and strategic goals from new and emerging technology trends
  • Fosters a culture through leadership, motivation, and ensuring appropriate transparency and accountability in all actions and activities.
  • Work closely with Product Management on tech design planning, product architecture layout, and development platform selection.
  • Drive technical decision-making and manage the engineering team to ensure deliverables are met.
  • Handle technical tasks concerning product iteration, release planning and execution.

Engineering Team Growth and Management

  • Lead the engineering team verifying proper skills and staffing levels to meet company expectations, while adhering to budget goals.
  • Build a technical on-boarding process to efficiently onboard technical staff and implement performance tracking processes and training to help grow and mentor staff.


  • Lead cybersecurity efforts to close gaps that may occur in corporate databases, within websites, or other digital tools that the team uses.
  • Ensure that all products under development by the company have security algorithms to keep user data private and encrypted.
  • Ensure that all technology practices adhere to regulator standards.

QA and Product Testing

  • Manage the QA Team and Product Testing, balancing resources with development staff based on product demands, budgets and current critical activities.
  • Build and manage an efficient bug tracking process to provide transparency across the company, as well as provide timely updates for customers.
  • Develop a system of testing for upcoming updates and tools to monitor the progress.


  • Proven experience as a Chief Technology Officer, or similar role in a startup environment
  • Deep understanding of SaaS design, management and scalability
  • Intimate knowledge of mobile app development (iOS and Android)
  • History of managing technical architecture and strategies for B2B, B2C and enterprise aligned offerings in a global landscape
  • Ability to lead and initiate data security and privacy initiatives, protocols, processes and workflows
  • Capable of analyzing software design patterns and system architectures
  • Proficient in analyzing codes of popular languages other than Java including but not limited to: C#, Python, Javascript
  • Ability to navigate a large codebase to find logic and problems. Must not be afraid to wear multiple hats.
  • Experience with major cloud services such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Experience working with remote engineering resources.
  • Experience developing and growing social platforms is a plus
  • BS in computer science (graduate degrees are a plus)

Why You? 

  • You are a software engineer by trade, with an entrepreneurial spirit, and an inventor.
  • You thrive in startup environments, where you’ll have to roll up your sleeves, but also drive key strategic decisions.
  • You are motivated by needing to articulate and execute a clear vision of what a successful Engineering organization looks like and how to achieve it.
  • You have experience building, managing, coaching, engaging, and motivating technical teams.
  • You have a positive energy and are excited to make an impact.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive pay, based on prior experience
  • Stock options package and/or equivalent employee equity sharing programs
  • Contribution towards health, dental, vision, and retirement plans
  • Flexible vacation and PTO policies
  • Wellness stipend