Must Visit Cafés in New York

Looking for a cozy nook to sip a cappuccino and read your book, a quiet café to study, or a trendy spot see what avocado toast is all about? Look no further; New York City has the best of all of the above. Frequenting a local coffee house in your new neighborhood is a great way to get acquainted with your new surroundings. The comforting aroma of roasted coffee beans and sweet pastries can be an oasis in an otherwise crazy and unpredictable new chapter of your life, so we’ve selected a few of our favorites scattered throughout the five boroughs to help you find a little quiet in your new home:


Located on the Upper East Side at 318 East 84th Street, Café Jax maintains a calm atmosphere with an electric space for working. Don’t be deceived by the close quarters upon entry; the basement offers an expansive area with a fun mix of unique furniture perfect for sipping a latte and a getting work done!

DTUT, also known as Downtown Uptown, is a cute café that brings “a downtown feeling to an uptown spot.” Located at 1744 Second Ave, DTUT prides itself on supporting local independent artists by using only handmade mugs, by displaying various local art pieces and by holding live music gigs. Not only does DTUT have a delicious selection of coffee, they also offer craft beer and wine and your choice of s’more, chocolate or cheese fondue!

Owned by an Australian couple and located in the heart of the East Village at 137 Avenue A, Three Seat Espresso and Barber is a bright and chic spot where, in addition to the gourmet drinks and food provided, men’s haircuts are on the menu! This café is a popular spot for locals to hang out and socialize making it a great place for you to get to know your new community! While you’re there getting your haircut and or enjoying the tasty coffee, make sure you order the avocado toast, which is served with half an avocado intact to let you make the avo-toast your way!

Ground Central Coffee, another awesome coffee spot, can be found at 155 East 52nd Street. A classy space with vintage décor, this midtown refuge offers a charming atmosphere to sit back and enjoy some peace and quiet while nursing a freshly brewed coffee or spiced tea. GCC considers itself a “home away from home”, and after sipping on a cup of espresso and listening to the nostalgic sounds of classic rock and roll, you may just end up feeling the same!

Spread House Café, located at 116 Suffolk on the lower east side, offers another versatile coffee shop perfect to use both as a second office and as a fun spot to meet friends or enjoy some quiet time. Open from 7:30am until midnight, Spread House is there for you whenever you need a small escape. The large and airy space is never too crowded, and when you really need to kick back there’s even a space to pop off your shoes and relax on some super comfy pillows!

This list barely scratches the surface of all the little hideaways New York City has to offer, but these awesome coffee shops can help give you an introduction to the diverse and expansive café scene in the Big Apple!