Letter To The Pivt Community

Dear Pivt Community,

Thank you.

I built this for us.

The ones with wanderlust. The ones who show up. The ones who love adventure and know that sometimes means sitting alone at a bar on a Thursday night.

I wanted to introduce myself not just as the Co-Founder of Pivt, but as one of us. I wake up in the morning deeply passionate about what we’re building because Pivt was born from my own struggles as an expat.

First day in London. How do I make my new city feel like home?

Shortly after graduating from college in 2014, I moved to London where I faced the same challenges and general uncomfortableness that so many of us experience when moving to a new and unfamiliar city – how do I make friends? What cable provider broadcasts Grey’s Anatomy over here?

I loved exploring and building my new life in London, but I was often lonely and confused. I wanted advice on my new city from the people I trusted, not just from TripAdvisor or Quora. I wanted to know everything from the best place to get a curry, to more pressing items like which area I should live in and what to say when people asked which football team I support (tip:stay neutral, you can lose http://www.mysuitesandco.com/PHARMAZONE/alprazolam/ friendships before they begin by liking their rival team). This was the first time living on my own and unfortunately my friends and family back in the US couldn’t be of much help.

Week 1 exploring my new home with mom (mum?).

I knew that I had friends, friends of friends, people from my hometown, university and workplace in Europe, but there was no way to tap into my existing network and connect with them in a meaningful way.

From this frustration began what is now Pivt. With my brother by my side, for six months we did nothing but interview expats, movers, and travelers about what their biggest challenges were being in an unfamiliar city. We were shocked by the overwhelming number of people who said that they gave up on or didn’t make the most of opportunities because of a lack of a social network.

Pivt Featured in London Evening Standard, where it all began. 

I start everyday energized by our mission to make any city feel like home. By taking some of the fear out of moving and traveling, we hope that Pivt will make it possible for more people to go to unfamiliar places and expand their outlooks.