Marketing Lead

New York, NY; Remote  
Full Time Employee 

About Pivt 

Do you want to work for the company addressing the big and timely problem of employee wellbeing and social isolation? Companies spend roughly $90k to relocate an employee to a new city, but nearly ⅓ quit or leave shortly after moving, because the employee or their family fails to integrate socially into the new location. This accounts for billions in losses to corporations and creates immeasurable stress to employees and their families. Meet Pivt! Pivt is the mobile app designed to reduce turnover and improve the wellbeing of relocated, remote, and mobile employees. Pivt cultivates a social network with other mobile employees and families to share trusted advice, regional information, and make social plans. Created out of the founder’s own frustrations, our team is deeply passionate about giving employees and their families Pivt, so that they can take advantage of life-changing opportunities in unfamiliar places, make the most of their experience, and feel at home…anywhere in the world.

2020 was a hallmark year for Pivt. With the onset of the pandemic, 1 in 5 Americans have relocated or know someone who has due to COVID and their ability to work from anywhere. Companies have been forced to implement new types of benefits to prioritize employee well-being and address the negative ramifications of social isolation. Pivt is at the forefront of this initiative!

Notable advisors such as Randi Zuckerberg and Evan Segal are already on board, helping us tackle this problem…we are now looking to fill out the rest of our impressive team.

Role Description 

Pivt is looking for a Marketing Manager to lead, develop, and execute the company’s marketing strategy. Being an early stage startup, the Marketing Manager will be required to wear many hats performing strategic, managerial and tactical duties. This role will be the primary point of contact for all marketing related initiatives. The ideal candidate is self-motivated, creative, and willing to continually pursue new ideas to ensure the Pivt marketing effort is effective and intriguing.

Roles and Responsibilities 

Strategic Planning and Execution

  • Work closely with the leadership team to develop and execute Pivt’s marketing and brand strategies
  • Maintain cutting edge knowledge on marketing tools, technologies, and channels
  • Provide thought leadership through constant research and exploration of marketing ideas and concepts.

Campaign Execution and Analysis

  • Work closely with Sales to determine key marketing strategies.
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns, analyze results, and produce data-driven recommendations on improvement.
  • Launch and manage advertising efforts across all channels and tools.

Public Relations

  • Organize and manage Pivt’s participation in Conferences, Exhibits, and Speaking Engagements.
  • Lead efforts on press releases, website content, white papers and Pivt blogs.
  • Build partnerships and alliances for joint marketing initiatives and branding.

Content Creation

  • Be responsible for all marketing content, which includes managing the company content calendar.
  • Create content for various marketing avenues, and measure performance.
  • Boost social media and brand awareness through posts, tweets, etc.


  • Proven experience in a marketing manager role in a startup environment
  • Knowledge of marketing-related business practices, including advertising, market research, technology and budgeting.
  • Proficient with marketing software programs.
  • Demonstrated history of planning successful product launches and events.
  • Effective communication skills and adaptable communication style for interacting with team members, upper management and customers.
  • Time management and organization skills in order to plan and execute both large and small marketing projects and initiatives.
  • Analytical and problem solving skills.
  • BA (graduate degrees are a plus)
  • Basic Graphic Design Skills

Why You? 

  • You thrive in startup environments, where you’ll have to roll up your sleeves, but also drive key strategic decisions.
  • You are motivated by the need to constantly improve and work on something that’s impactful.
  • You have a positive energy and are excited to make an impact.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive pay, based on prior experience
  • Stock options package and/or equivalent employee equity sharing programs
  • Contribution towards health, dental, vision, and retirement plans
  • Flexible vacation and PTO policies
  • A Well-being stipend