Pivt User Interview Series: Harry


Introducing Pivt User Interview Series! Hear from real Pivt’ers about their experiences moving and traveling.


Where have you lived?

– Melbourne

– Edinburgh

– New York


Favorite restaurant(s) in your home cities:

– Chi Chin (Melbourne)

– Longrain (Melbourne)

– Miss Lily’s (New York)  


Must do’s in your home city:

– Watch a game of Australian Rules Footbal at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

– Drink (good) coffee


What was the reason for the move?

– Greater opportunity (in NYC)

– I was in Edinburgh for study abroad


What was the most difficult thing to adjust to? How did you tackle it?

– No job

– Didn’t know anyone (except my girlfriend)

-Leveraged the Australian’s in New York community to meet people and worked hard on finding a job. I also spent a lot of time with my girlfriend, her friends, and my roommates.


What are some small gestures you did to make your new city feel like home?

– Joined an Australian Rules Football league

– Joined a gym

– Got to know the city


Do you have any moving hacks you can share?

– Try and meet people in the same situation as yourself


What do you miss about your old home?

– Family

– Friends

– Beach House

– (surprisingly little)


Home to you is…Melbourne (always will be)