Pivt User Interview Series: Joe


Introducing Pivt User Interview Series! Hear from real Pivt’ers about their experiences moving and traveling. 


Where have you lived?

Normal, IL (home) Chicago. Shanghai. Brooklyn, NY.


Favorite restaurant in your home city:

Steak n’ Shake (the OG location was in Normal), Spacca Napoli (Chicago).


Must do’s in your home city:

Chicago: Second City + iO (Improv). Lakefront parks, Cubs/Bulls game, hot dogs/deep dish, West Loop, Logan Sq, Natural History Museum, Pilsen, Hyde Park.


What was the reason for the move?

Wanted to live in NYC, have always been drawn to this city.


What was the most difficult thing to adjust to? How did you tackle it?

How long it takes to get form A to B. How many people there are everywhere. I plan ahead better, and I still haven’t gotten over how many people there are in such small spaces…


What are some small gestures you did to make your new city feel like home?

Hanging with friends/familiar faces is always nice and makes me feel at home.


Do you have any moving hacks you can share?

Try to scope out neighborhoods in-person before you make a move. Really make a list of what’s important to have within walking distance.


What do you miss about your old home?

Friends & family.


Home to you is…Where my family is.