Pivt User Interview Series: Katie


Introducing Pivt User Interview Series! Hear from real Pivt’ers about their experiences moving and traveling. 


Where have you lived?

New York, New Hampshire, London, New Zealand, and San Francisco.


Favorite restaurant(s) in your home cities:

Glasserie, the Smile.


Must do’s in your home city:

Walk/bike in Central Park, visit the Whitney, walk the high line.


What was the reason for the move?

I wanted a taste of the West Coast life and to be closer to nature.


What was the most difficult thing to adjust to? How did you tackle it?

The public transportation is subpar, to say the least.  I was used to taking the subway everywhere in NYC, so this was an adjustment. In the end, I embraced the California lifestyle and bought a road bike.


What are some small gestures you did to make your new city feel like home ?


I joined the running club at work and started working out with the November Project crew in SF.


Do you have any moving hacks you can share?

Donate as much clothing as you can before you move – especially if your new city has a different style and climate from your current city.


What do you miss about your old home?


Pizza, bagels, and 24/7 activity.


Home to you is… Being surrounded by insightful, inspiring, and kind people.