Pivt User Interview Series : Kayla


Introducing Pivt User Interview Series! Hear from real Pivt’ers about their experiences moving and traveling.

Where have you lived?

Different cities in Israel (Raanana and Tel Aviv), Lancaster, PA,  Wilton, CT.


Favorite restaurant(s) in your home cities:

Tel Aviv: Bar Ochel, Port Said, Miznon.


Must do’s in your home city:

Tel Aviv: The carmel market, jaffa flea market and restaurants and old city, The Beach!!


What was the reason for the move?

 I drafted into the Israeli Defense force, now I’m studying my MBA.


What was the most difficult thing to adjust to? How did you tackle it? 

Having to learn a completely new language and being so far away from friends and family. I was thrown into the army and just had to adapt and learn Hebrew and I didn’t really have a choice. And I made new friends.


What are some small gestures you did to make your new city feel like home ?

I’ve joined different groups to make friends. I go to lots of shabbat dinners to meet new people. Israel is very friendly and they never want anyone to be alone for a holiday or a dinner! I also started a food instagram so I’m aware of all of the best places!


Do you have any moving hacks you can share?

Bring your favorite candy bar from home, you’ll never know how much it will mean to you to eat it on a bad day. And bring good ziplock bags!


What do you miss about your old home?

The food! Oh…and my friends and family? The convenience of knowing exactly where to get each thing I want!


Home to you is… Split between two places and it breaks my heart that it will never be one again. No matter where I am, I’ll always be missing the other one