Pivt User Interview Series: Sabrina


Introducing Pivt User Interview Series! Hear from real Pivt’ers about their experiences moving and traveling. 


Where’s your favorite place that you’ve traveled to?

Granada, Spain! La Alhambra, the famous palace/fortress complex, is beyond words. Watching the sun set over its towers was nothing short of magical. Plus, of all the cities I visited while studying abroad in Madrid that year, Granada was the one whose citizens made me feel most comfortable practicing Spanish. Totally laid back and relaxed. Loved every moment of the visit, and am dying to go back.


Sabrina at the Alhambra, a palace and fortress complex located in Granada, Andalusia, Spain.


What’s your best travel hack??  


Like many of us, I tend to get anxious when I fly. To help quell my nerves, I started creating self-care boxes that I bring on trips. They include everything from sour candy (surprisingly helps with anxiety!), dramamine, earbuds, essential oils, and anything else that I like to keep in arm’s distance.


What are your simple travel pleasures?


Getting the opportunity to journal on the plane or while sitting at a cafe in the destination city. So wonderful to have a chance to think and reflect in a new place.


Do you prefer to travel alone or with others?

I honestly love aspects of both! I love traveling alone, because I get to be my own boss. I also love people watching on my own. Then again, I love forcing friends and family to talk and sit next to me on a plane for hours. It’s fun for me at least 😉


What’s your must pack item?


Just one?! Other than boring stuff like a toothbrush, definitely a book. Selecting the perfect combination of reading material to get me through the trip is definitely the most fun part of packing!



Where’s the craziest place you’ve been lost? Have you had any notable travel hiccups?


I think everyone in my travel group individually got lost at Oktoberfest. I got separated from two of my friends while leaving the bathroom, because the guards started pushing me toward the exit. I proceeded to wander alone aimlessly for 45 minutes, highly concerned because I did not have a) A working phone b) The address of where I was staying or c) Any modicum of understanding of the layout of Munich. Rookie mistakes. We eventually found each other, since all roads lead (Americans) toward the HB tent.



Where’s your next destination?


The exotic city of Philadelphia! I am both working and in school at the moment, so travel is a bit hard to come by. Iceland and Costa Rica are top of my list when my calendar and wallet allow.


Is there anywhere you’ve been that you could see yourself making home someday?

Possibly, though I am extremely partial to New York. I could see myself living in Spain — perhaps in Sevilla. Or, I could see myself detaching myself from society and living on the beach in Punta del Este, Uruguay. That place is unreal.