Pivt Written Up In Digital Trends!

Wherever the road takes you, the Pivt app will make you feel at home



A recent study from the University of Virginia suggests, unsurprisingly perhaps, that moving can be associated with “shallower or lower-quality social relationships.” Add to that the notion that people start losing friends at 25, an age at which many young people are still finding new homes, and it becomes easy to see that the idea of making friends can be a rather daunting one. Pivt co-founder Lynn Greenberg found this to be the case herself when she moved to London following her graduation from Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.


“After going to bars by myself, withstanding one too many blind dates, and trying out other meetup platforms without much success, I decided to create my own solution,” Greenberg told Digital Trends. The trick, she noted, was to tap into her “existing trusted networks of people,” with whom she already had a shared connection. In much the way that Hinge believes that having a mutual connection is a good basis for a romantic relationship, Pivt believes that the same must be true for friendship. A natural conclusion, but not one that other apps have drawn quite yet.


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