Tips For Avoiding a Tough Transition

Getting Your Bearings

Once you have physically moved into your new home, getting a feel for your surroundings will help alleviate the anxiety that will inevitably be present with your transition. You might be feeling a little lost, so, assessing one thing at a time can be a productive

Ask Your Neighbor

While initially a little daunting, don’t be afraid to ask your neighbors or people that you might consistently see at a coffee shop or convenient store for advice or recommendations of places in the area. Knowing a reputable place to get your hair cut or a nice path to take a run will help center yourself.

Get Connected to Your New Neighborhood

Buy a subscription to the local newspaper or community magazine. This can help you quickly integrate with your new surroundings and showcase what’s happening in your neighborhood or apartment complex.

 Find New Services and Professionals

Finding a new doctor, dentist and if you have animals, a vet is important to be prepared. You’ll want to have resources to fall back on if you get sick or need a teeth cleaning, so anticipating for this ahead of time will help eliminate any stress or frustration in the moment of being sick or needing a checkup.

Take a Bath

 Unwind, take a deep breath and hop in a bath. Go crazy and throw in some Epson salt or bubbles! Baths are great resources for any day but especially if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Jump onto Pivt

Find the people you know in the city you don’t! Who better to get advice from than people in your own network! If you want to  be proactive, you can even identify your network before moving to your new city and message them for advice prior to moving. Also, take advantage of the (#) interest/community based messaging to connect with people in your city with similar interests.