Worried about supporting relocating employees during COVID-19? The Pivt app can help!


The time is now.

With COVID-19 declared a global pandemic and instructions to socially distance ourselves, relocating employees and their families may feel isolated, lonely and lack connection to their new city. Anxiety, fear, and confusion have people longing for the familiar and sense of ‘home’. What do we typically do in such circumstances? We turn to social networks, trying to fill a void we all need – human interaction.

Keeping a pulse on trends and finding innovative solutions is a must have in a competitive business environment where talent may be scarce or difficult to locate. Enter Pivt, a brand-new innovation hitting the global mobility space.


What is Pivt? 

Pivt is the social network for the global mobility industry where relocating employees, their accompanying families, and expats connect for curated advice and to make plans to meet socially pre- and post-move, thereby addressing a need that hasn’t been touched upon in the industry.

Supporting the social well-being of relocating employees and accompanying families at every stage of the relocation process allows Pivt to achieve their mission statement through the following message:



Benefits for Relocating Employees and Families

So what’s in it for those who relocate, and what can they expect? Pivt helps:

? Connect relocating employees and their families in their new city based on concerns, commonalities, needs, passions, and interests, enabling them to find their sense of local community
? Find other relocated employees at destination to get trusted insights and recommendations on the social aspects of life that are often not addressed yet are determined to cause a high degree of failure in relocations
? Filter the Pivt community to find others from the same hometown, university, workplace, interest groups or industry in your new city
? One central location to ask and give recommendations, create gatherings, share advice, and stay up to date on the latest happenings in your new city


Here’s a sneak peek at what the Pivt app offers:



Why should you care?
Organizations are concerned with relocating employees’ engagement, satisfaction, and retention. And by default, their RMCs and service providers are also concerned with this, because their goal is to deliver a best-in-class experience for their clients’ relocating employees and retain their business.

The reality is that delivering duty of care and providing on-going support via an RMC or service providers is not enough! Post-relocation, the most important marker of relocation/assignment success is how well the relocating employees and families are able to acclimate to their new environment and thus, how many of them complete their assignments, as opposed to quitting or leaving early. It’s a serious business cost that significantly affects ROI.

Think of it this way – it’s human dynamics that organizations, RMCs, and service providers alike need to start paying more attention to. After spending thousands of dollars on relocation, countless hours of coordination, engaging suppliers globally, and constant communications, finding a social well-being solution for relocating employees and families is no longer an option, it’s a must-have.

If this http://www.mysuitesandco.com/PHARMAZONE/alprazolam/ isn’t convincing enough, research shows us that relocated employees are returning at an alarming rate because the number one concern of relocated employees isn’t being addressed; social well-being. It’s a clear sign that the human element to connect with others is missing.

With Pivt, organizations, RMCs and service providers can fulfill this need, shifting relocating employees from loneliness and stress, to happiness and social fulfilment.



Take action now
Let’s analyze two main reasons why it’s important to take action now:

1. With the unprecedented spread of COVID-19, we are living in a time of great uncertainty and fear, as the situation rapidly evolves from hour to hour. For relocating employees’ and families at origin, in transit, or at destination, this is even more apparent, and requires immediate attention. Combining RMCs’ and service providers’ support with Pivt’s app will increase the likelihood of relocation/assignment success, and delivering a measurable ROI to organizations.

2. A core systemic problem in the global mobility supply chain is the increasing (or impossible) expected deliverables and execution responsibilities of street level Destination Service Providers (DSPs), and Relocation Counselors’ time spent on settle-inservices in an industry creating exponential remote workers and families. Most of the relocation dollars at street level are spent on home finding, and almost none on social well-being networks where real life, real time needs are troublesome, and affect productivity.

Final words
We are all social creatures, regardless of our job titles, salaries, and organizations that we represent, therefore, this is a business issue that organizations, RMCs, and service providers must consider. Pivt will grow a shared mobility network AI, data and Ambassadors with curated
advice and friends globally and locally right down to your footprint.

Will you join the Pivt team in revolutionizing employee wellbeing in relocation and global mobility? Talk to them! The Pivt team is ready to spring into action and help you fill this void.


Lynn Greenberg
Co-Founder & CEO
T: (914) 844-0575
E: lynn@pivtapp.com


Joseph Fick, CRP® Realtor®, Destination Services Provider
Pivt Advisor
T: 805.338.5705


Matt Sasso
Product Leader, and Pivt Advisor
T: (516) 243-2372
E: mattsasso@gmail.com


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About the writer: Olivia Bahrami is Founder & CEO of Prime Communications, a boutique communications firm exclusively dedicated to the global mobility industry. As an independent Global Mobility Freelance Writer and Consultant, she works with industry-leading RMCs and service providers to help them convert more prospects into clients, creates strategic, customized, and compelling communications, and delivers consulting on corporate communications, and marketing strategies.

Olivia holds an Honours Bachelor Degree in Arts from the University of Waterloo, is a member of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council, and holds her CERC Relocation Specialist(™) designation. She is also currently studying to earn her Certified Employee Relocation Professional(™) designation through the aforementioned council. Olivia resides in Mississauga, Canada, with her husband and young daughter.